I'm currently a researcher in the Human Machine Interfaces lab at Huawei Canada, where I have worked on product-driven research on multimodal interaction, natural user interfaces, and human factors in semi-autonomous driving. I received my PhD in Computer Science from Ontario Tech University, supervised by Dr. Christopher Collins. During my PhD, which was fully funded by CAPES (Brazil), I investigated perceptual and statistical issues that influence the effectiveness of data plots.


Elbow-Anchored Interaction A study of mid-air input in comfortable on-couch postures.

Discriminability Tests for Visualizations Evaluating the scalability of information visualization designs.

Treemap Optimization Balancing clutter and information in treemap visualizations.

Saliency Deficit in Animated Scatterplots Limitations of motion outlier detection in animated scatterplots.

The Vocabulary of Passwords A study of the vocabulary of user-chosen passwords.

Dates in Passwords Numeric sequence patterns in user-chosen passwords.

Selected Publications

CHI 2021
Elbow-anchored interaction: designing restful mid-air input Rafael Veras, Gaganpreet Singh, Farzin Farhadi-Niaki, Ritesh Udhani, Parth Pradeep Patekar, Wei Zhou, Pourang Irani, Wei Li
VIS 2019
CHI 2019
NDSS 2014
On semantic patterns of passwords and their security impact Rafael Veras, Christopher Collins, and Julie Thorpe
MobileCHI 2012
Interaction for reading comprehension on mobile devices Rafael Veras, E Paluka, MW Chang, V Tsang, F Shein, C Collins
Visualizing semantics in passwords: The role of dates Rafael Veras, Christopher Collins, and Julie Thorpe


random01 A neural network for random password detection.

twitter-dialog-hunter Listens to the Streaming API and finds dialogs in timelines.

semantic-guesser Training and testing of linguistic passwords models.

treecut.js Library for automated pruning of treemaps.


CSCI 4210 Intro do D3 I

CSCI 4210 Intro do D3 II

VIS 2016 Optimizing Hierarchical Visualizations with the Minimum Description Length Principle


May, 2021 I presented "Elbow-Anchored Interaction" at CHI 2021. This paper was co-authored with my Huawei colleagues and Pourang Irani, of U. of Manitoba.
January, 2021 Our paper on the effectiveness of password language models was published at ACM Transaction on Privacy and Security (TOPS). It was written in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Collins and Dr. Julie Thorpe.
Nov 25, 2019 Invited lecture on Information Visualization Quality at York University.
Oct 25, 2019 I presented "Discriminability Tests for Visualization Effectiveness and Scalability" at IEEE VIS, in Vancouver.
Dec 15, 2018 "Saliency Deficit and Motion Outlier Detection in Animated Scatterplots", a paper I wrote with Dr. Christopher Collins, has been accepted for presentation at CHI 2019, in Glasglow, UK.